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The very first step when joining any gym or embarking on  any  new form of consistent exercise should  be to have a rigorous fitness assessment.

 At Fusion we understand  just how important it is to recognise precisely where you are currently, in terms of your levels of physical strength and stamina, your flexibility levels and your overall health and posture. This is so that we start you at the right level and build you to where you want to go.

With this in mind, It’s also a great idea to take your current weight and measurements, for use as a motivational tool which has been proven on countless occasions to inspire and encourage clients. The ability to see tangible evidence of progress will help you stay the course. We can even take before and after photos if requested.

We can also help to identify structural misalignments which may be adding to any existing knee, back, neck and foot problems. Our goal is to regenerate those muscles and joints  using our expertise in the Specialism of Corrective Exercise.



Sometimes, due to  time constraints, for travel reasons, or simply because of a personal preference, online training can work well too.

Our two most popular methods of online training are either as single sessions, paying as you go or as a discounted online package that lasts a total of 12 weeks.

Online coaching is a great way to stay focused with a structured approach to your food and training, whilst also having  access to the guidance and accountability that having a physical coach brings.


Your dedicated Personal Trainer will first assess you to find out where you are currently. The goal is to help you to decide on a target to aim for.  Your personal trainer will then work with you to design a nutritional guide and exercise programme, while they continue to work alongside  you every step of the way.

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